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My name is Gary, but I have also been known to answer to Twodogs, Ferdy, and many others to boot, but now you can call me Hobo.

After my last relationship finished due to religious and personal reasons (hers not mine) I decided that I was never going to find that someone to share seeing the world with on holiday so decided to go and see it on my own. I left my job took redundancy and am taking a year out (hopefully) to try backpacking (now in its second year).

I have never been a backpacker, never been camping and never been in a hostel till recently so all of this is very new to me. Am I nervous…..? Yes. Do I think I may of made a mistake…..? Possibly, but I do know this if I don’t try now I never will. I’m no spring chicken, no party animal, and definitely not a sun worshiper. However I always like learning, trying new thing, getting out of my comfort zone and have no trouble spending long times with just my own company so don’t be expecting me to go raving all the time or bragging about my all over suntan cos that just ain’t going to happen.

Expect to discover out the way places, different views of big cities small beaches, countryside and some of the bad as well as the good.

So bookmark, subscribe, follow me and come along for the ride and welcome to Hobolife.

7 Responses to About the Hobo

  1. sue says:

    Enjoying reading your travels Gary…keep posting xx

    • Hobo says:

      Thanks Sue. I will as long as people keep reading and making comments. Please don’t forget to share and like. X

  2. Lisa says:

    Good for you Gary, enjoy all your experiences 🙂

  3. Hi Gary your fulfilling a dream certainly one of mine the story with the monkey really made me laugh good luck to you

    • Gary the Hobo says:

      Glad you enjoyed reading in blog. Please subscribe and get reminders every time I put up a new post.

  4. Grant says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder than I am reading these posts. I’m glad you’re finally feeling fulfilled. Good luck on your travels, and yes I am still reading

  5. Grant says:

    I’ve never been prouder than I am reading these posts, glad you’re finally feeling fulfilled. Good luck on your travels, and I’ll still be reading

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