Its all about the photos

Photos. I love them. Its often the main reason I will don my hiking boots and go wandering off on my own. I have spent Saturday night on a pier in the middle of nowhere trying to get the perfect picture of a thunder storm. I have trekked for 2 hours straight up a mountain trail to get a photo from the peak only to get caught in a rain storm and covered from head to foot in mud on the way down. I have hiked through the jungles of Sumatra trying to take photos of wild orangutans.


Decent zoom enabled me to capture this photo

So it made sense to splash out on a decent camera. A Sony Alt55 with telephoto and wide angle lens. Unfortunately it also made sense that with the rough treatment my equipment goes through something was bound to break and it did 2 days before I was due to go to Siem Reap, Continue reading

Hobo and Jill went up the hill. Tales from the rainforest.

After several days of disappointment in the rainforest good news finally came. A jungle trek was arranged for the next day and I was booked to go on it.


The Hobo hits the jungle.

At last the Hobo was going to hit that rainforest trail. Deep breathes. I feel a Tarzan like yodel about to come on……… Continue reading

Bukit Lawang Indonesia

“I know where you should go next” said Alex a young girl as we sat outside a hostel/bar in Penang’s Georgetown. “Sumatra. Its only a £25 flight from here one way and you can see Orangutans in Bukit Lawang”.


Alex my travel adviser.

That’s what I like about travel. You can be sat without a clue about where to go next and someone will just pop up with the answer just like that. You can scroll through website after website looking for places, or stick your nose in a lonely planet guide but other travellers advice seems to be best for me so far. So it looks like I was going to the rainforests of Indonesia. The Hobo was off again. Continue reading