Onwards to Tissa and Yala National Park.

After leaving Ella which I recommend anyone goes to before it gets too busy, I headed south by bus to Tissa. The journey was a bastard with me standing for 3 hrs with my bag between my legs on a packed bus with the usual Stirling Moss driver before being literally dropped at Weerawila Junction. The “W” is pronounced as a “V” but I did not know so imagine me with my Hullian Yorkshire accent explaining that to the driver. Fortunately our rickshaw driver was there to pick us up and take us to or homstay. He was a personal friend of the owner and was to be our good companion for our 3 nights there.


Ella. One hell of a place.

The Nisal homestay was literally in the middle of nowhere and when I say nowhere I mean miles away from shops bars or towns. It was more then made up for by our host and our soon to be companion for the next few days the Sarath rickshaw driver. Continue reading

The Hobo is off the rails on the Nine Arches

This tale begins straight after the tail (see what I did there?) of Little Bastard in Sri Lanka. After a drink at a bar in the hills with tremendous views over lush mountainside me and Josh were all set to travel back to Ella where we were staying when I realized looking at the map on my phone that another site we wanted to see was only a short walk (well it looked it on the map) away. Its called the Nine Arches a huge bridge over a valley and the train into Ella crosses this several times a day.


Little bastard

So the Hobo was going off road again. Continue reading