The shortest customs chase scene in Thailand

After my all too brief stint of volunteering at the Daauw home in Houay Xai it was time to leave Lao (my visa had run out) and head into Northern Thailand. My first stop was to cross the water into Chiang Khong. There used to be regular small ferry boats crossing the Mekong from Houay Xai into Chiang Khong but now a new bridge with new border stations at either end has been built several kilometers from these towns so the ferries have stopped and most people drive right on passed these two towns. This is really going to effect the tourism here and kill them off. Continue reading

Daauw Home

It was a pitch black night as I lay huddled in my tiny 2 man tent. The heat was stifling and light cast onto the tent showed silhouettes of dozens of different insects attracted to the light and crawling all over the outside of the tent. I could hear the noise of crickets and frogs outside and hear the little scrit scrit noise of insects as they climbed around the outside skin of the tent. I had two choices. I either left the shelter of the tent to turn the light off and hope the insects left with the light, or I could huddle in a ball and wait for daylight and the insects to leave. I huddled.

Daauw Home

One of the many self empowerment notices dotted about Daauw Home

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Slow boat up the Mekong, or Mekong 2

My first meeting with the mighty Mekong was in Vietnam.


Village on the Mekong

Now hundreds of miles further north I was going to be on the river again for 2 days taking the slow boat from Luang Prabang north to the border town of Huay Xai. Luckily the boats are a bit more comfortable then the slow boats on the Nam Ou river. Fitted with proper front facing double seats looking for all the world like stolen car seats. Seeing as it was a long Continue reading