Glasgow city of culture????

Well it was time to leave the town of Mossblown near Ayr and the family I had been staying with the Spence’s. Kevin and Jane gave me a lift to the train station with their daughter Carly and with hugs all round I put on my backpack and headed for my train. I was going to miss the family and the area in general. From the local pub The Drumley to the pub on the hill ┬áTap O’ the Brea in the next town where I watched the sunset with their dog after taking her for walks along the river Ayr, as beautiful a river as you could hope to find.

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I was getting the train from Ayr to Glasgow then underground to the suburb of Anniesland about 4km from the city center. I must state here that Continue reading

Nothing to trout about.

Any way previously my mate Kev had taken me salmon fishing on the river Ayr with the result that we were out of pocket and the river must of been out of fish before we arrived (we reliably got told the fish had been caught the day previously ). Luckily Kev knew a group of trout ponds looked after by his mate Davey an avid fisherman. So off we popped one evening to see Davey and look at the ponds.

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Spot the salmon

Straight away I was smitten with the ponds. Situated out in the countryside with glorious Continue reading

Gone fishing.

While out walking the with the Spences (the family who are putting me up in Ayr Scotland), we came across this wonderful low river, with mini rapids and waterfalls, the river Ayr (waits for gasps of amazement to die down). Apparently, according to Kevin, the river is full of fish this time of year, and not just any fish but salmon the king of fresh water fish. Well this was too good an opportunity to miss so when we got back Kevin dug out his old fishing rod and we made our plans to hit the river and come back with our weight in salmon. Imagine the look of joy on Kevins wife Janes face as her two mighty hunters return.


River Ayr

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