Its all about the photos

Photos. I love them. Its often the main reason I will don my hiking boots and go wandering off on my own. I have spent Saturday night on a pier in the middle of nowhere trying to get the perfect picture of a thunder storm. I have trekked for 2 hours straight up a mountain trail to get a photo from the peak only to get caught in a rain storm and covered from head to foot in mud on the way down. I have hiked through the jungles of Sumatra trying to take photos of wild orangutans.


Decent zoom enabled me to capture this photo

So it made sense to splash out on a decent camera. A Sony Alt55 with telephoto and wide angle lens. Unfortunately it also made sense that with the rough treatment my equipment goes through something was bound to break and it did 2 days before I was due to go to Siem Reap, Continue reading

The Hobo is off the rails on the Nine Arches

This tale begins straight after the tail (see what I did there?) of Little Bastard in Sri Lanka. After a drink at a bar in the hills with tremendous views over lush mountainside me and Josh were all set to travel back to Ella where we were staying when I realized looking at the map on my phone that another site we wanted to see was only a short walk (well it looked it on the map) away. Its called the Nine Arches a huge bridge over a valley and the train into Ella crosses this several times a day.


Little bastard

So the Hobo was going off road again. Continue reading

Kandy in the hills.

Staying in Kandy in the hill lands of central Sri Lanka is a memory I’ll always treasure. The Spica guest house was just such a pleasure to stay at you barely needed to leave. Beds were comfortable, you had your own bathroom, and I had a big balcony just outside the door with tremendous views. The garden has a couple of ponds with fish in that back home I had to keep in a tropical tank and there is a gazebo with fish tanks which as tremendous views over the valley where Kandy town is.


Chilling with a book.

Kandy itself has a bit more of a town feel with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants. One pub called the Continue reading