Contradicting India.

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Amazing bright white beach and hardly anyone one it.

Love or hate India??? Its like hating the weather when its cold and wet, then the next day its hot and sunny. Its still weather, how can you hate weather surely its all the same thing, just different. India has that effect on you. I am staying in Appelley in southern India at the moment and it has the whitest beach you can imagine but during the day it is so bright and hot nobody goes. It actually hurts the eyes during the day to be on the beach, but when the sun starts to set and the breeze comes off the sea it is a totally different place. Its a lot cooler, not so warm or bright. Families come to spend the evening, couples walk on the beach, people hang out on the promenade. Its a totally different place. India = Contradictions.

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Traffic in Bangalore

I spent a week in Bangalore. Totally hated the noise, the traffic, how hard it is to walk anywhere and all the rickshaw drivers trying to scam both English and Indian tourists, but at the same time service in any restaurant or bar was excellent whether it was a cheap place where beer was 60 rupees a bottle or a beer in a upperclass bar where it was 250 rupees a bottle. The staff was friendly, polite and so pleased to see you. Bangalore also had some of the worst poverty I have seen so far in India right next to some of the richest places that I could never afford to stay at.

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Apartment in Goa cost slightly more then a single room in a budget hotel in Bangalore.

As for places to stay. I have paid a few rupees to stay in a shed in Goa a short walk from the beach with a shared toilet and shower and paid about the same to live in a homestay in Appelley sharing a twin room with my own toilet, shower. I have paid only slightly more to stay in my own appartment that could easily of slept three with a balcony and dining area then I have for a low budget hotel room which although had great room service I did get badly bitten by bed bugs.

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The food from this street stall tasted better if anything then the food in the restaurants.

So far I have found that for every thing that there is to love about India another hundred yards there is something to hate. Its a different culture, way of life and people. Women walk around in trousers and covered up while men will often wear skirts tucked in at the waist to make them short. Just look at everything with an open mind is all I can advise. It is still worth the journey.

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    This is such great info , I love hearing about your travels.

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