Drumley trout

I asked my friend Rob who is a fully trained chef who runs his own pub and is about to open the restaurant next to it for his recipe for cooking trout. Its dead simple and tastes fantastic.

My first ever trout.

My first ever trout.

Alright buddy, here’s the trout recipe :-

First of all, you will require

1. Filleted Trout, descaled & pinned

2. Fresh lemon juice

3. Fresh coriander

4. Seasoning ie salt & pepper (for a little kick, why not have a little cajun spice)

5. Vegetable oil

6. Plain flour

7. Non stick pan

To start with, please ensure that your non stick pan is smoking hot.

Add as little oil as possible.

Place the fresh trout skin side down in flour then place skin side down in pan for 3 minutes.

Carefully flip trout over in pan & cook for a further 1 minute. Timing is vital.

Take the pan straight off the heat but keep trout within the pan, this is called residual heating and there is enough heat in the pan for the trout to be cooked through until you have your other accompaniments ready.

Please ensure that the trout is seasoned during cooking & once on plate garnish with lemon juice & coriander.

For more information about his pub or any cooking hints just ask here :-  The Drumley.

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