Fort Kochi. Things to do.

Well after the life on the beaches in Goa seeing both the good and the bad I have been spending the last week In Fort Kochi and old fishing town in Kerala which was given over to the Portugese in 1503 and you can see a lot of their influence in the architecture. But what is there to do in this area.

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Well for starters you can get a ferry across to Vypin and then a bus to Cheria beach which has 10 kilometers of golden sand and watch the sun go down while swimming in the warm waters.

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Cherai beach

Walk along the front where the chinese fishing nets are and check out the little stalls selling anything from fresh fish, to bracelets. Maybe even have a go operating the nets yourself.

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Its a hard life the hobo life.

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Lifting the chinese fishing nets in Fort Kochi


Have lunch with a cold coffee and admire the art at the Kashi art cafe. The prices are good and the artwork amazing.


Kashi art cafe Fort Kochi

Take one of the tourist boats and have a short cruise up and down the coast line and see Fort Kochi from sea.


Chinese fishing nets viewed from the sea.

Chill out for the full day with a Kerala cruise on a traditional boat on the backwaters. Traditional lunch with an indian family is included.


Traditional Kerala boat tours.


Lunch on the Kerala backwaters with an Indian family.


Give the guy a rest and Punt the boat down the backwaters yourself.

Even though I have been in Fort Kochi for only a week I still managed to fit plenty in. I found the area chilled and relaxed and a lot more laid back then some of India that I have seen so far.

Thanks for reading.

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4 Responses to Fort Kochi. Things to do.

  1. Lee Giblin says:

    Just had a good look at your adventures so far & a little reading practice for Leah.
    She said to put ” we wish we we’re there!”
    I said we can go do it all one day!! lol

    • Gary the Hobo says:

      There are some places she would love I am sure. Especially some of the beaches and the ladies in pretty Sari’s Lee, and I am sure Goa would have some places for you too mate.

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