Hornsea the place to be.


The first step in my travels was supposed to be just up the road to visit a lovely couple I know Barry and Sara.They live half an hour up the road in the seaside town of Hornsea but due to circumstances instead I started by travelling hundreds of miles in the opposite direction in Ireland. Well a couple of months later and I found myself back home so I thought I would take up the offer again.


Hornsea Beach

A friend of mine drove me to Hornsea and we spent the time with her dog having a walk around the Hornsea Mere (a big lake) with her dog, getting lost and trespassing at least three times ( possibly felt like more for her as she had not been here before) but still enjoying the views of the countryside and Mere. Finally I left her with her car and walked to Barry and Sara’s.


Barry at the Museum

That night We did one of the coolest things I have done and that is spend several hours sat outside in October (October is not known for being warm in England) in their brand new hot tub. The sun had set and the drinks were flowing. There was piped in music and slow colour changing spotlights, all built in giving the evening such a chilled and relaxed feeling we could of spent forever in there. However this stopped when we realised Sara had gone under for the third time in a drunken stupor and me and Barry were not much more sober so time for bed.

Hornsea is known as a little retirement seaside town but apart from the small area at the sea front I didn’t know much more about it, so the next day Barry took me for a walk doing a little bit of exploring. Hidden away is Bettison’s Folly, a tower tucked away down a side street built in the mid 1800’s so that Mr Bettison’s manservant could climb it and spot when he was on his way home and then ensure his dinner was ready when he arrived home (obviously no mobiles back then). Nice for some eh?

Bettison's Folly

Bettison’s Folly

Next we visited the much passed but very little visited Hornsea museum, staffed mainly by volunteers and a lot larger then it looks from the outside. There is a fee though.This little place was a lot more interesting then I thought it would be with some areas with old relic props you can try on like in the old schoolroom also a laundry room and a coopers shed also an ancient loo. Well worth a visit.


Time to sit and think.

Hornsea also has a nice promenade with amusements, chip shops and a great stretch of beach going off in miles in either direction but I was exploring that another day when I check out the coastline. Kayak fishing, boating, and sometimes even surfing is all done from here too but unfortunately I did not have time to try any of these.


Listen carefully there will be a test.

We had lunch at the Marine inn on the sea front which was good value with good friendly  staff  (who gave me the locals discount after only a few days) in a nice bar then back to Barry and Sara’s, but what to do there. Did I mention the hot tub…..


My mate Lee and his Princes Leah in the hot tub. Hobo in the background.

Thanks for reading.


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