Hornsea, going, going, gone.


Hornsea beach

I have been staying at my friends house in Hornsea for a few days (did I mention they had a hot tub) and the area has a reputation for having the worst coastal erosion in Europe at 1.8 meters a year. The coastline here stretches for 61 kilometers and is composed of low sedimentary cliffs which are continually ravaged by the vicious tides and waves from the north sea. I had decided to take a closer look by walking along the cliff tops from Hornsea to Mappleton and back along the beach.

At no point can I recommend the walk along the cliff tops. There is no footpath and the walk can be pretty treacherous (as I found out).


It says keep out for a reason

I started out at a caravan site to the south of Hornsea with just my camera and a few pounds in my pocket to buy a pint and some grub in Mappleton. Pretty soon what I thought was a public footpath petered out leaving nothing but dense growth or farmers ploughed fields. Pretty soon my legs were scratched from the brambles and sore from the nettles (wearing shorts was one of my bad decisions that day). Along the way I had to climb over barbed wire fences and along stretches of land with ominous “Keep Out” and “Danger” signs and in some places I could see why.


Keep out

There were places where the land had dropped several feet waiting for the next tide to bring it tumbling down and a one point I realized I had one foot at either side of a large crack in the ground which was ready to drop at anytime.


Cliffs dropped several feet

With my legs sore from all the scratches and my throat sore due to lack of drink and my stomach grumbling from lack of food I  climbed my last fence and there I was in Mappleton. Now you may not know this (I wish I had) but Mappleton has no shops, no cafes, no pub. and there was I with pounds in my pocket which might as well of been pebbles.

Hornsea Mappleton

Mappleton. Nice church, no pub.

Luckily the walk back was along the beach and what a great beach it is. Miles of sand stretching off into the distance and hardly anyone to be be seen. Just my sort of place. With the sea to my right and the cliffs all ready to fall on my left and my stomach thinking my throat had been cut the miles flew by.


Cliff edges dropped down several feet


The sun shone hot and warm on my back, very rare for the UK in October and the only sound was the surf crashing on the beach and the occasional gull as I finally reached Hornsea and there at the end of the promenade was a sight for sore eyes. The Marine Inn with hot food, cold beer and warm bar staff. The only thing now is what to do this afternoon. Did I mention the hot Tub?


Beach all to myself

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2 Responses to Hornsea, going, going, gone.

  1. Barry & Sara says:

    Eloquently put, we love this place and you have reminded us why. It’s easy to take things for granted when you see it everyday but once in a while you need to just stand still and really look. Thanks Gary x

    • Gary the Hobo says:

      Yeah. It surprised me how much damage the sea is doing here and all along that part of the coast. Would be a shame to lose it.

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