In search of a good Christian

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Secluded beach on the way to Cayton bay

Got invited to Scarborough this weekend by a couple of good mates of mine Carole and Andy. Seeing as I was feeling down at home I thought what the hell and booked a room at my favourite  hotel THE GRAND.

This old victorian hotel was the largest in europe when it was first built. Although showing its age now the building is still very impressive outside and has an amazing lobby with a massive staircase inside.

I had a terrific night, with Andy being invited to play the drums in a band at this one pub leaving his lovely missus Carole stuck with me most the night which although made me look good to the local lads did mean I was never going to catch the eye of any girls in there.

The next day I decided to set of walking to Cayton bay which is about 3.5 miles down the coast on a public footpath that is part of the Cleveland Way. I was hoping to find a guy who was walking up that part of the coast on his walk around the full coast of the UK in  aid of Help for Heroes and the homeless. Please do a search for”Christian around Britain” and support this guy he is doing some amazing work. I never did bump into him but did find out that while I was coming back he was about an hour behind me and even went to the same wetherspoons for beer and grub that I did. Gutted.

Although I never caught up with Christian it was still worth the walk for the lovely views. Coming over the walkway bridge near the Grand heading south you come past some lovely public gardens that most people never see, staying to more popular areas to the north. You also pass the Spa building which brought the tourists to the area in the first place and the old outdoor swimming pool which is sadly filled in now. Carry on and you can either stick to the public footpath or go down one of the many winding paths to the front and travel along the beach if the tide is out.

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View of the Spa Scarborough from above

Along the way you will see some lovely bays and come across several of the old second world war pillboxes used by the army back then and still here today. Along the top of the cliffs where the Cleveland way is you will see many sad signs of the coastal erosion which is so common on this part of the coast. I stopped at one of the pillboxes on the way to take a few photos and have a rest. There was not another soul in sight and just the sound of the sea for company. Bliss.

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View of Scarborough Castle from inside a pillbox.

And then it started to rain. Luckily it was just a short drizzle and luckily I had timed my walk just right so that the tide was going out and apart from a few places where I had to climb over land falls or rocks I could continue on my way.

Eventually I reached Cayton bay. A lovely quiet little bay used mainly by people from the caravan sites at top and a few people who know of it park at the top and walk down.

You will find not rows of shops here, no masses of amusements with blaring sirens and flashing lights, just one little kiosk selling refreshments and bucket and spades and a small block of toilets. Today there was just me, a couple walking there dogs and a young family tucked amongst the rocks out of the breeze. I climbed up to the top and returned along the Cleveland way. Some of which is suffering from the coastal erosion.

Although I missed seeing Christian at least I  know that for at least part of the way he was following in my footsteps.

Please check out his facebook page and if you can donate on his link He is doing amazing work and all for a very good cause.

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