The Northern monkey goes south


Hemel Hempstead

Well I was finally off on my travels again to deepest darkest London, well Hemel Hempstead to begin with anyway. Jason an old drinking buddy of mine from over two decades ago, when I had been working behind a bar and he was a student, had finally given in to my pestering 😉 and said I could come and visit as long as I kept my northern monkey hands away from his beer and his girl Jola in that order.

Northern monkey heading south

Northern monkey heading south

So doing it on the cheap I had booked travel down there with Megabus. It was a bus down from Hull to East-midlands parkway where I got on a train to St Pancras station and was due to meet him at a pub down the side of Euston Station. My bus had been over an our late and I spotted Jasons red face outside the pub with a group of mates well into his beer. We were both a bit older and wiser (wider????) now but nothing had changed in my old mates cheerful face. He introduced me to his partner a lovely blonde lady by the name of Jola from Poland (batting well above your average there mate I thought (don’t worry if you are reading this I never told her)) and we had several drinks till it was time to go get the rush hour train.


The Hemel Residence

I woke up bleary eyed the next morning with Jason about to shove a feather duster in my face to wake me up. They had to go to work so I could either go to London with them or stay in Hemel Hempstead. I chose Hemel as it looked quite nice what I had barely seen the night before and thought it may be worth a look.


Locals gathering crops in the ditch/stream

Hemel was quite a surprise. Large enough to have all the facilities you could need, with a large shopping area, parks, canals, and of course plenty of pubs especially my favourite a Wetherspoons. I had a good walk round took a few picture some of some chinese women harvesting some plants from a local ditch (ok its Hemel Hempstead I should probably call it a stream) their child left to is own devices in a push chair near the bankside. After walking around the town and having lunch I took a walk along the canal and through the fields, got chased by horses (just curiosity I’m sure but they were big buggers), lost my gps signal on my phone but did find a pub by the canal where I enjoyed a pint and the view.


I’m sure it was about to charge

All together a pleasant day, not exciting but pleasant. Tomorrow Jason had offered my the use of his barge on a canal in London for a few days, but thats another story.

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  1. Lovely place and wouldn’t know if I hadn’t read your site xxx

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