Bohol and the Chocolate Hills (they were green)

I had been stuck on the Island of Cebu in the Philippines with that damn Frenchman Dominique for the best part of a week due to a typhoon that had stopped all boats from leaving. I must admit though we did have a good time but now the all clear was given and we could leave by ferry for the island of Bohol.

Bohol and Chocolate hills

Hobo and Dom hit the road again


We had discussed in depth what to do while we were there and had decided to hire mopeds in the city of Tagbilaran, leave our big backpack at the hotel and taking just our day packs travel across the island to the town of Anda. The first thing Dom did was Continue reading

Trekking in Koh Kong.

The guide suddenly stopped and stared up into the trees and motioned us to stop. He had either seen or heard something. Some sort of wildlife hopefully. We had been trekking for 3 hours and seen nothing so far. I scanned the trees hoping to find something before the guide did despite knowing his eyesight was keener then mine but it would make me feel better if I spotted it before him. We had taken a slow easy route through a forest and up into the highlands. Everything was really quiet. I could only hear my own breathing.

Trekking in Koh Kong

Queen of the jungle


“Elephants” said the German girl behind me. Continue reading

Damn the French

The Hobo hobbled the last hundred meters down from the waterfalls. His feet were killing as he had been walking for over half an hour in bare feet over gravel and sharp rocks. There in the distance sat on the other side of the river opposite the raised wall built to contain a warm spring sat the French man. The Frenchman who had stolen his sandals while he was at the top of the waterfalls. Hobo grimaced at him.


Hot spring pools



The Hobo hopped into the spring to sooth his aching feet. The locals already in barely gave him a glance. He motioned for the Frenchman to pass his sandals. The Frenchman leaned back Continue reading