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I thought I would check my website see if I was getting any visitors the other morning only to find I could not access it. Not on my computer, not on my phone or any other computers. What the hell was going on. After over 2 hours of panic searching on the web convinced my site had been hacked I finally found the problem.


Hobolife closed

Hobolife had been closed down!!!

My domian subscription had run out. Any message I had been sent to remind me had been sent to my old email address which had been closed down by the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Thank you Karoo of Hull, England for the heads up on that by the way.

Anyway after paying a hefty fee to subscribe again I had it back up and running only to find I had not posted any thing for over 3 Months. What the hell had I been doing all this time. Well……. I had kind of settled. I still traveled a bit but because I tended to do it more by car then local transport I had stopped considering it an adventure  and travelling more of just an holiday. I felt I had let you down and myself. That anything I did would be cheating and not really the Hobolife at all.

Looking back I realise I had still been doing some pretty awesome things.

Like being tour guide for my mum when she visited me for ten days in Thailand. She had booked a swish hotel in the middle of Bangkok for the full ten days but I had other plans for her. Despite her initial worries I think she was pleasantly surprised about most of the things I had her doing. Many I think she never intended to do in her life before visiting me.


Hobo tours

Sneaking into Myanmar (Burma). This had started out as a simple day trip to Kanchanaburi province and turned into a trip through a back road through the jungle coming out into a military camp on the Burmese side. Having no passport or any id this was a big surprise, believe me.

Visiting Cambodia again, meeting friends, revisiting Siem Reap and staying on a small tropical island.

Staying in a bungalow owned by the military on a beach run by the military. My partner Chan always full of surprises managed through a contact to set this up for me. Incredibly expensive (for me) normally. We managed to get this for a bargain price (still a bit expensive for me).


Suean Son beach. Run by the military.

As well as this there has been visits to a bat cave, I have seen waterfalls and water fails, buffalo races, had some amazing meals in amazing places, been fishing with the locals, and now there are even plans to start my own Hobo guest house with traditional Thai huts made from bamboo built by local people with local resources in a local village (don’t worry there is still a Mcdonalds and a KFC in the local town if you are thinking of visiting but still want some food like home.

But for some reason I had stopped seeing this as an adventure.

Its really just a new adventure. I’m a bit wiser now then when I started (I still hate tuk tuk drivers, well most anyway), I don’t fall for the cons and the spiel like I used to and find that I know about and have done some things most a lot of locals have not even experienced.

Well it’s time for a catch up I think, and a reboot.


Hobo still alive and kicking

Yes the Hobo is back (the lazy bum).

I hope I can still keep you interested as I start this new phase of my life. I still intend to travel but now I have a base here in Asia. Hopefully I will even have a nice place where other travelers can come and meet and share stories away from the hubbub of the busier towns. All will be welcome of course.


Thanks for reading


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