Contradicting India.

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Amazing bright white beach and hardly anyone one it.

Love or hate India??? Its like hating the weather when its cold and wet, then the next day its hot and sunny. Its still weather, how can you hate weather surely its all the same thing, just different. India has that effect on you. I am staying in Appelley in southern India at the moment and it has the whitest beach you can imagine but during the day it is so bright and hot nobody goes. It actually hurts the eyes during the day to be on the beach, but when the sun starts to set and the breeze comes off the sea it is a totally different place. Its a lot cooler, not so warm or bright. Families come to spend the evening, couples walk on the beach, people hang out on the promenade. Its a totally different place. India = Contradictions. Continue reading

Busy busy Bangalore

WELCOME TO SUNNY BANGALOR, it didn’t saw on any sign post or poster I saw while I was there. In fact welcome seems to be missing from a lot of places, mainly because of the rickshaw drivers. Its bad enough crossing Bangalores terrible roads without these people who seem to be a law onto themselves following you down the street trying to get you in the back to take you sight seeing. If this happens to you don’t, I repeat don’t do it.


You just know he’s going to charge that poor guy and extra dog tax for his fare.

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