Kratie and the Irrawaddy Dolphins

4 hours on a small cramped bus and I was finally at my destination. A small unremarkable town in the middle of nowhere. It is such a quiet place it literally closes up at 9.30. Shops, restaurants everything, the full town just shuts down. Not a lot here for the Hobo you might think, or is there????

Irrawaddy Dolphins

This is as exciting as it gets


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The shortest customs chase scene in Thailand

After my all too brief stint of volunteering at the Daauw home in Houay Xai it was time to leave Lao (my visa had run out) and head into Northern Thailand. My first stop was to cross the water into Chiang Khong. There used to be regular small ferry boats crossing the Mekong from Houay Xai into Chiang Khong but now a new bridge with new border stations at either end has been built several kilometers from these towns so the ferries have stopped and most people drive right on passed these two towns. This is really going to effect the tourism here and kill them off. Continue reading

Ba Be to Sapa


Getting from Ba-Be national park to Sapa. Everything I tried to find about it said I basically had to go back to Hanoi then get a night bus from there. That would take 2 full days but by asking the locals I found out I could do it by using local buses rather then the tourist bus in just one day. However this is not as simple as it sounds. I am writing this blog to help others who may want to do this.

Ba Be to Sapa

Ba Be Lake


When your at Ba Be you will probably be staying in the town by the lake called Bo Lu in which case you need to get one of the boats to take you across the lake. Simply follow Continue reading