From Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh.

After spending just over a week in Bangkok it was time to travel again. My visa was running out and rather then do a visa run again I decided it was time to try another country. Not that I have finished with Thailand just yet. For various reasons Vietnam was my choice and this would involve flying from Bankok to Ho Chi Minh city.


Bangkok, Grand Palace

This involved booking the flight online, arranging transport to the airport and with a bit of research finding out I could get a local bus from Ho chi minh airport to the town itself saving a few pennies. Easy peasy eh. Well this is Asia and not everything is always so easy Continue reading

German porn in Georgetown Penang

Georgetown Penang was my next stop after Kuala Lumpur. After 5 hrs on a bus then having to change buses which I was not told about we drove across the bridge to the island of Penang where the bus promptly turned left instead of right and was dropped off a mile in the opposite direction from where I needed to be and was faced with a gaggle of taxi drivers all clammering for my money to take me into Georgetown. Not a good start. Continue reading