Reboot Hobolife

I thought I would check my website see if I was getting any visitors the other morning only to find I could not access it. Not on my computer, not on my phone or any other computers. What the hell was going on. After over 2 hours of panic searching on the web convinced my site had been hacked I finally found the problem.


Hobolife closed

Hobolife had been closed down!!!

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Hornsea the place to be.


The first step in my travels was supposed to be just up the road to visit a lovely couple I know Barry and Sara.They live half an hour up the road in the seaside town of Hornsea but due to circumstances instead I started by travelling hundreds of miles in the opposite direction in Ireland. Well a couple of months later and I found myself back home so I thought I would take up the offer again. Continue reading

Nothing to trout about.

Any way previously my mate Kev had taken me salmon fishing on the river Ayr with the result that we were out of pocket and the river must of been out of fish before we arrived (we reliably got told the fish had been caught the day previously ). Luckily Kev knew a group of trout ponds looked after by his mate Davey an avid fisherman. So off we popped one evening to see Davey and look at the ponds.

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W

Spot the salmon

Straight away I was smitten with the ponds. Situated out in the countryside with glorious Continue reading