Trekking in Koh Kong.

The guide suddenly stopped and stared up into the trees and motioned us to stop. He had either seen or heard something. Some sort of wildlife hopefully. We had been trekking for 3 hours and seen nothing so far. I scanned the trees hoping to find something before the guide did despite knowing his eyesight was keener then mine but it would make me feel better if I spotted it before him. We had taken a slow easy route through a forest and up into the highlands. Everything was really quiet. I could only hear my own breathing.

Trekking in Koh Kong

Queen of the jungle


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Daauw Home

It was a pitch black night as I lay huddled in my tiny 2 man tent. The heat was stifling and light cast onto the tent showed silhouettes of dozens of different insects attracted to the light and crawling all over the outside of the tent. I could hear the noise of crickets and frogs outside and hear the little scrit scrit noise of insects as they climbed around the outside skin of the tent. I had two choices. I either left the shelter of the tent to turn the light off and hope the insects left with the light, or I could huddle in a ball and wait for daylight and the insects to leave. I huddled.

Daauw Home

One of the many self empowerment notices dotted about Daauw Home

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Luang Prabang

South from where the Nam Ou river meets the mighty Mekong river is Luang Prabang. I had hoped to travel all the way there from Nong Khiaw by boat, but a dam had been built effectively stopping all slowboats from making the trip, but hey that’s progress right. So I had to catch the bus which did the normal Asian trick of dropping you off just far enough from the main part of town you need a tuk tuk to get the rest of the way there. Its a scam between the bus drivers and the tuk tuk drivers but there is nothing you can do about it, just find some other travelers to share the cost with.

Luang Prabang

Monks actually live here as you can tell by the orange robes.

Luang Prabang is a jumble of different style buildings with very European buildings from when the French had control of Lao, standing side by side with traditional wooden style Asian buildings. Evidence of Continue reading