Myanmar and back.

The jungle route got narrower and narrower as we bounced along the dirt track. You could barely see the sunlight through the dense canopy above. I wondered when our driver would turn the big 4X4 jeep around and head back. We seemed to of come a long way and the road did not seem to be widening anywhere to enable us to turn around.

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W

First view of Myanmar

Then ahead the trees thinned and light could clearly be seen ahead. Then suddenly we were out of the jungle and the daylight blinded me briefly due to the change from the darkness of the jungle. Blinking tears from my stinging eyes my sight cleared. The jeep had stopped. At either side of the track were soldiers. Not the slack eyed Thai soldiers you normally see in Thailand these were fit, grim countenanced, hard looking men. Although not tall even their muscles had muscles. All had combat fatigues on and wife beater vests and more importantly they all had guns. They came closer to the vehicle. Continue reading

Bohol and the Chocolate Hills (they were green)

I had been stuck on the Island of Cebu in the Philippines with that damn Frenchman Dominique for the best part of a week due to a typhoon that had stopped all boats from leaving. I must admit though we did have a good time but now the all clear was given and we could leave by ferry for the island of Bohol.

Bohol and Chocolate hills

Hobo and Dom hit the road again


We had discussed in depth what to do while we were there and had decided to hire mopeds in the city of Tagbilaran, leave our big backpack at the hotel and taking just our day packs travel across the island to the town of Anda. The first thing Dom did was Continue reading

Mae Hong Son Loop part 3 the not so grand finale.

The spray from trucks hit his face. He rode on. Rain lashed at his helmet as he took hair pin bends. He rode on. Clouds covered the road in front of him and still the Hobo rode on. What would stop the Hobo? Would anything stop the Hobo? Well yes.

Mae Hong Son loop

Peak not visible because of clouds

Reaching the top of the mountain did. Continue reading