Trip to the beach. Sihanoukville Cambodia

The cramped mini bus pulled over. I checked my offline maps on my phone. We were literally 5 minutes or 2 kilometers from where we could be dropped within walking distance of most guest houses. Instead we are dropped off in the middle of some vague street with a gaggle of tuk tuk drivers waiting to over charge us to take us to our digs. The bus company was prepared and had their own minibus ready to scalp us themselves. I pushed through and spoke too a tuk tuk driver. He was going to charge me twice as much as the mini bus. Fuck him. So me and another backpacker shared the mini bus to our digs.

Sihanoukville Cambodia

Otres Beach

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Angthong National Marine Park


Angthong National Marine Park

“Are you thinking of going to Angthong National Park?”

“Yes I’m thinking of it.”

“Are you thinking of going tomorrow?”

“Yes I was thinking of it. Why?”

“Can I tag along?”

I could see her mentally rolling her eyes. “Yeah sure I suppose why not.”

Great the Hobo was of to the Angthong National Park¬†and with an Essex girl no less. She does not know what she is in for….. Bwaaaa ha ha haaa….

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Contradicting India.

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W

Amazing bright white beach and hardly anyone one it.

Love or hate India??? Its like hating the weather when its cold and wet, then the next day its hot and sunny. Its still weather, how can you hate weather surely its all the same thing, just different. India has that effect on you. I am staying in Appelley in southern India at the moment and it has the whitest beach you can imagine but during the day it is so bright and hot nobody goes. It actually hurts the eyes during the day to be on the beach, but when the sun starts to set and the breeze comes off the sea it is a totally different place. Its a lot cooler, not so warm or bright. Families come to spend the evening, couples walk on the beach, people hang out on the promenade. Its a totally different place. India = Contradictions. Continue reading