The Thailand visit part1: Shopping

“Hello. Hello. Can you hear me?” brief pause, “Yeah its me Gary. Your past the Thailand customs yeah….. Are you past the customs…. Yeah! Good. Now above you some where should be a sign directing you to meeting point one” ……… ” There’s no sign??? Are you sure?”. There was a sign I know because I had come through the same customs on my return from the Philippines several months before. “Never mind just turn right from the customs and keep walking I will come and meet you”. I made my way through the crowds before being stopped by a couple of security staff. Apparently this was as far as I could go. “Hello! Keep walking I cannot come any further.”  and thankfully there about 50 foot through the crowd I saw the beautiful woman whom I had not seen in over a year and missed terribly. Yes my 70 year old Mum had come to Thailand.


Mums first visit to Asia

For her peace of mind and because she had seen Continue reading

Happy in Hampi

Hampi  is a village in northern Karnataka state, India. It is located within the ruins of Vijayanagara and is literally a photographers dream. Pilgrims flock here to wash in the river and strange boulders dot the landscape looking ready to fall at any minute and you can practically trip over a temple or ruin if you are not careful.


Virupaksha temple looming over the town.

I spent nearly a fortnight here staying in a guest house literally a stones through from the big Virupaksha temple looming over the town. Lodgings are basic, roads are narrow and expect to find cows roaming just outside your room and monkeys on your balcony or stealing food from the many rooftop cafes dotting the town. In fact there are so many monkeys that they are Continue reading

Trains, trains, trains. pt2

Despite my better judgement me and my mate Josh had decided to get a train from Alleppey back to Cochin. We had a plane to catch the next day and the train just seemed to make sense. After a bit of confusion at the ticket counter (Here Indians seem to bobble there head in response to questions. If there is some subtle difference in said bobbling to meaning yes/no or bugger off baldy I have yet to figure out. I suspect if you just flicked their ears they would bobble.) we got our tickets and jumped straight on the train as the ticket assistant had bobbled us to do.

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W

Goodbye sunny Alleppey. Back to Cochin.

We found an empty compartment and settled in. Facing the train I had known the sea was Continue reading