Phong Nha National Park

“Hey Gary. You ride on the back of my bike Ya” Said Marco in a voice sounding very similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now Marco is well over 6ft tall, with a bald head, with the Arny way of talking and his appearance that would make him fit in well with any door staff at any London Club. There was no way I was going to say no. When you get to know him you find a very decent man with a gentle soul who loves photography. That is until I got on the back of a motor bike with him. At first all was fine, all was good and we were going to Paradise cave and the Eco trail Nuoc Mooc in Phong Nha. I was looking around, enjoying the view. Then I realized I could not see his head in front of me. He had seen a straight bit of road ahead and decided to gun it. So he had ducked his head to cut wind resistance. Which now hit me  full in the face nearly blowing my contacts straight out of my eyeballs. All I could do was hold on and hope he slowed down for the turns and the bends.

Phong Nha National Park

Mad Marco

He didn’t. Continue reading

From Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh.

After spending just over a week in Bangkok it was time to travel again. My visa was running out and rather then do a visa run again I decided it was time to try another country. Not that I have finished with Thailand just yet. For various reasons Vietnam was my choice and this would involve flying from Bankok to Ho Chi Minh city.


Bangkok, Grand Palace

This involved booking the flight online, arranging transport to the airport and with a bit of research finding out I could get a local bus from Ho chi minh airport to the town itself saving a few pennies. Easy peasy eh. Well this is Asia and not everything is always so easy Continue reading