Kratie and the Irrawaddy Dolphins

4 hours on a small cramped bus and I was finally at my destination. A small unremarkable town in the middle of nowhere. It is such a quiet place it literally closes up at 9.30. Shops, restaurants everything, the full town just shuts down. Not a lot here for the Hobo you might think, or is there????

Irrawaddy Dolphins

This is as exciting as it gets


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Damn the French

The Hobo hobbled the last hundred meters down from the waterfalls. His feet were killing as he had been walking for over half an hour in bare feet over gravel and sharp rocks. There in the distance sat on the other side of the river opposite the raised wall built to contain a warm spring sat the French man. The Frenchman who had stolen his sandals while he was at the top of the waterfalls. Hobo grimaced at him.


Hot spring pools



The Hobo hopped into the spring to sooth his aching feet. The locals already in barely gave him a glance. He motioned for the Frenchman to pass his sandals. The Frenchman leaned back Continue reading

Ba-Be national park

“Xin Chao” (Hello) I said in my most pleasant Hobo voice.

“Xin Chao” came the reply followed by a dazzling smile

“Do you speak english?”

” Yes” she said with the same smile

Thank god I thought. “I want a bus to Ba-Be lake in Ba-Be national park tomorrow?”


Ba-Be lake

“Yes” came the reply with the same grin. Was it fixed in place? Was it really a smile or had she had a stroke that affected both sides of her body.

There was a slight pause followed by more of a pause as no more information came my way. Did she think I was just bragging or something. “Erm…. Do I get the ticket here?”

“Yes” more pause. Did she really speak English and that same smile was still stuck in place. Her cheeks must be killing by now. Images of Batman facing the Joker came to mind. Then as though someone had put a coin in the slot and pressed play she suddenly continued. “You come tomorrow 1.30 buy ticket then. Bus leaves at 2”. Continue reading