Trekking in Koh Kong.

The guide suddenly stopped and stared up into the trees and motioned us to stop. He had either seen or heard something. Some sort of wildlife hopefully. We had been trekking for 3 hours and seen nothing so far. I scanned the trees hoping to find something before the guide did despite knowing his eyesight was keener then mine but it would make me feel better if I spotted it before him. We had taken a slow easy route through a forest and up into the highlands. Everything was really quiet. I could only hear my own breathing.

Trekking in Koh Kong

Queen of the jungle


“Elephants” said the German girl behind me. The only other person on this trek. Dyna the guide and me both turned around and looked at her. “Hail Sylvia, Queen of the jungle.” He said and saluted her. What else could I do but Salute her as well. We all laughed. This was trekking in Koh Kong Cambodia. Near the southern most border with Thailand and surprisingly little visited by travelers. At an estuary near the sea but with no beach. Plenty of guest houses with very little guests and only a couple of bars it was an ideal place to hang out as I used up the last few days of my visa in cambodia. I had met Sylvia while doing a boat cruise which I normally avoid doing but I needed some excuse to get out of my hotel room and do something. A beautiful German woman she had come up the beach to where I was laid in a hammock with two cans in her hand. “Beer?” she asked as though I could refuse her.

Trekking in Koh Kong

Boat cruise


We talked and she was actually a very amusing and charming woman. The next day we had booked a hiking trip with our guide Dyna, a young man with a new baby who was a good guide.We had taken some beers and a bottle of rum with us to share but unfortunately Dyna the guide did not drink. He shared a small glass of beer with us at the camp site then settled down to carve a piece of wood with the biggest machete I had seen.

Trekking in Koh Kong

All hail the Queen of the jungle


Luckily Sylvia was a drinker and we finished off the beers and all the rum before heading off to our hammocks for the night. Most people who know me will know I am really scared of creepy crawlies and especially spiders. Our hammocks had mosquito nets built in but I was still very wary. During the night I opened my eyes to see a large white thing with legs coming towards my face, only to realise it was Sylvia’s hand. “Hobo I’m cold” she said. By now I had fallen out of my hammock on to the rocky floor. “Of course your cold” I said. “You have no pants on”. She was butt naked from the waist down.

“I need snuffy”


“I need snuffy”. What the hell was snuffy? I presumed it was a teddy bear or something so started to search the campsite for anything resembling a cuddly toy. All I found was a sarong on the floor underneath her hammock. “SNUFFY” she shouted and snatched the sarong from my hand. At least she will now be decent I thought. Then she wrapped the sarong around her head and turned over and fell asleep with a small snore. Her bare bottom aglow in the moonlight.

I sighed wistfully, returned to my hammock and went to sleep.

The next day we trekked to a road and we were picked up by motorbike and taken to some waterfalls where we could swim. Sylvia was hung over and hopefully remembering nothing of the night before so didn’t swim. The waterfalls were really beautiful and there was a spot the guide showed me where you could dive into the water. He ran and leaped gracefully in a smooth arc into the water. I made a splash which I think sent most of the water back up the waterfall. As usual in my head I am graceful and talented but somewhere between my head and my body things just go wrong. I tried several more times to be a graceful diver, only giving up when the locals panicked thinking I was maybe trying to commit suicide but just not good at it.

Trekking in Koh Kong

Dyna carved a full tree to make me this wooden knife


Koh Kong is a little visited and under valued place I think but I liked it. The locals were really nice and one night I just got drunk sat on the street with them. They really made me feel welcome and one day I will definitely go back

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